US Consular Posts around the world face Technical Errors with Visa Processing System

Presently, members around the globe are confronting delays with processing of the visas due to technical issues in the system at various consular posts. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Department of State (DOS) Liaison Committee has put forward the issue with the DOS Visa Office who thereby confirmed that the Bureau of Consular Affairs is in the process of resolving these technical glitches. 

The Bureau of Consular Affairs is currently in process of fixing the issue as soon as possible. However, it is yet to settle it completely. 

It is to be noted that though it is an issue challenged worldwide, delay in receiving visa is faced by around 15-20 percent of applicants. Most of the visas which are approved are being issued without any technical errors. The cases which are pending, appear on the Consular Electronic Application Centre (CEAC) website as “Administrative Processing,” which means that no further review is required in these cases. 

Pradnya Sawant, Legal Assistant

Keywords: AILA, Bureau of Consular Affairs, DOS, CEAC, Visa Processing, Technical Errors, 

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