About Us

Who We Are

Our firm provides essential Indian employment law and global immigration law support, both integral and crucial components of any global mobility program. Our offices are located in Mumbai, New York and Florida.

Why LawQuest

Each client’s case is different, and each client has specific needs – we at LawQuest recognize that. Through a combination of personal attention and detail-oriented approach, our attorneys offer foresight in advising clients on potential pitfalls and in navigating the complexities of an immigration process.

LawQuest, focuses on issues that are unique to dynamic commercial entities with a global work force. LawQuest invests in the best talent, including attorneys licensed in multiple jurisdictions including India, the U.S. and England & Wales that gives its clients an edge to keep them ahead of the competition. LawQuest delivers clear and practical solutions through the complex world of U.S. and global immigration regulations.

Efficient Case Management

LawQuest attorneys are closely involved in all aspects of a case including initial intake establishing a strategy, collating information and documentation and preparation of case forms and tracking of visa expiry dates. We never simply refer cases to co-counsel to handle unless there is a specific matter that can only be handled by local co-counsel in-person. Our aim is to provide each client with best possible service/solution to help them achieve their goals.

Global Network

LawQuest works with over 50 global network partners around the world. Each practitioner with whom we partner is carefully selected to ensure that they adhere to our standards of service, compliance and commitment. This includes assessments with respect to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related legislation, as well as a review of their practices and confidentiality and data privacy policies.

On-The-Ground Presence And Support

LawQuest Advocates/Attorneys are well-versed with interacting with FRRO/FRO offices which in turn reduces the stress and time spent in completing the mandatory procedures. All members of the firm are trained to comply with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related legislation. Additionally, counsel working with our firm globally are more than efficient in handling matters locally and providing on-the-ground assistance to companies/applicants when needed.

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