U.S. Immigration Audits

Simply put, an immigration audit is a review of a company’s immigration documents and the verification of expatriate staff information in order to ensure that they are in compliance with the Immigration Laws and Regulation currently in force.

Successfully navigating immigration compliance can mean the difference between growing your business or obstructing your goals. LawQuest strategically partners with its clients to provide advisory and immigration compliance services to:

  • Manage most complicated immigration projects and scenarios.
  • Craft compliance solutions that avoid pitfalls before they happen.
  • Help correct issues if they do occur.

LawQuest’s Scope of US Immigration Audit includes:

It is important that an organization periodically conducts audits of the following to ensure immigration compliance.

  • I-9 Audits
  • Public Access File (PAFs) Audits
  • Compliance with H-1B DOL and USCIS requirements
  • L-1/EB-1(c) worksite consistency
  • Travel on B-1 visas and end client billing
  • Change in terms of employment
  • PERM recruitment audits

The LawQuest team will

  • Review company policies and procedures for maintaining PAFs, I-9s and other immigration-related documentation.
  • Interview key internal stakeholders to assess their familiarity with and understanding of the obligations for monitoring and tracking immigration-related information.
  • Review all or a sample of PAFs to gauge compliance with recordkeeping requirements.
  • Review all I-9 records to gauge compliance and advice on compliance gap corrections
  • Assess controls that the organization has in place and the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders to monitor and enforce such controls.
  • Identify overall patterns of travel to and international hiring and mobile assignments.
  • Evaluate how companies facilitate realignment and remediation in response to internal reviews or audits; employee reports, complaints, or inquiries (directly or through HR); government inquiries or audits; and/or litigation, and

In short, we help clients maximize immigration compliance.

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