U.S. Supreme Court allows Trump Administration to enforce Travel Ban

The United States (U.S.) Supreme Court in Washington allowed the travel ban by the Trump administration to go into effect even as legal challenges against it continue. The court’s orders mean that the administration can fully enforce its new restrictions on travel to the U.S. from six predominantly Muslim countries.

The ban applies to travelers from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad without bona fide connections to the U.S. Citizens of these countries will be unable to emigrate to the U.S. permanently and many will be barred from working, studying or vacationing there. Iran, for example, will still be able to send its citizens on student exchanges, though such visitors will be subject to enhanced screening. Somalis will no longer be allowed to emigrate to the U.S., but may visit with extra screening.

The Supreme Court’s orders effectively overturned a compromise in place since June, when the court said travelers with connections to the United States could continue to travel to the U.S. notwithstanding restrictions in an earlier version of the ban.

Ashwina Pinto, Associate

Keywords: U.S., Supreme Court, Travel ban, Trump administration

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