The UK To Introduce New Immigration Rules for International Students in 2018

The UK will introduce new immigration rules for international students from January 11, 2018. 

With the introduction of the new rules, international students can easily switch over to work visa (Tier 2) from Tier 4 visa on completion of their course.

Under the current rule, international students had to wait till they obtain a degree to apply for work visa (Tier 2).

Tier 4 visa is the student visa, issued for the duration of the course plus a few months only, and was difficult for the students to find a job in that limited duration therefore they had to return to their home country.

Tier 2 general is for skilled workers with a job offer from a UK-based employer, which is valid for a maximum period of five years 14 days with an extension of one year and can apply for settlement visa after five years.

However, international students shall also consider the impact of Brexit for job opportunities in EU.

Sukanya Raman, Immigration Executive

Keywords: Brexit, UK, New Immigration Rules, International students, Tier 2

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