Proposal For 10-Year Bar on Australian Visa Applicants Providing False Information Discarded

In November 2017, the Australian Government had introduced new regulations that barred visa applicants from submitting new visa applications and entering Australia for a period of ten years if they provided false or misleading information in their visa applications or indulged in visa fraud. The regulations were also applicable for errors committed in the visa application.

The proposal for the same has been rejected by the Australian Senate in December 2017. The Greens, an Australian political party had tabled a disallowance motion in the Australian Senate for rejection of the regulations. Nick McKim, the Greens Senator considered the new regulations punitive and draconian. The disallowance motion was passed by the Senate, with 31 votes in favour of disallowance of the regulations, and 29 votes against it.

Isha Kalwant Singh, Legal Intern

Keywords: False or misleading information, Fraud, Senate, Disallowance motion

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