Israel simplifies Visa Process for Indians

The Government of Israel has abridged the visa application procedure for Indians. Israeli Tourism Ministry India Director Hassan Madah said that this initiative has been taken to encourage more Indians to visit Israel, Tel Aviv.

The Israeli Consulate stated that Indian nationals who have availed visas of Schengen countries, the U.S., Canada, Australia or Israel and have completed their travel to these countries are eligible to be part of this procedure.

The newly introduced rule comprises of a reduced amount of documentation to make the application process faster which in turn will increase the number of tourists to Israel.

In the current year, Israel has observed 31 percent growth in the number of tourists arriving in Israel from India.

Upcoming services to be introduced by the Israeli Government includes processing of e-visa and easing the group visa process.

Pradnya Sawant, Legal Assistant

Keywords: Israel, Visa application, Simplified procedure, Less documentation

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