Government of Iraq introduces new rules for Foreign Nationals filing late Visa Activation

Foreign nationals entering Iraq for work on a multiple-entry visa are required to complete visa activation procedures and medical tests at the earliest to avoid penalties and interruptions to the work permit process. The Government of Iraq has instituted new rules for foreign nationals entering the country.

In order to obtain the multi exit-entry visa, the grace period has been extended from seven days to 15 days from the date of entry to present their passport with verified medical exam results (blood test for Hepatitis B and C and HIV) to the Ministry of Interior. The visa permits employees to exit and re-enter Iraq as many times as needed within the visa validity period.

Under the new policy, the late penalties will apply per diem and may extend up to 5 million dinars (about US$ 4,200). Earlier, it was a flat penalty of 100,000 dinars. From now, 100,000 dinars will be imposed instantly after the 15-day deadline and 10,000 dinars per day thereafter, but it shall not exceed 5 million dinars.

Pradnya Sawant, Legal Assistant

Keywords: Multiple entry visa, mandatory visa activation, Iraq Government

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