Biometric Service Fee Exemption for Form I-539

All applications to extend one’s status in the U.S. that require a Form I-539 are exempt from paying the biometric fee from October 1, 2023. The USCIS had previously suspended the biometrics requirement through September 30, 2023.  If the service fee is accidentally included with the I-539 application, it will be returned, however, if the fee is combined with the I-539 filing fee, it will be considered as an incorrect filing and the USCIS will reject such an application. Credit card payments combining both fees will be accepted, charging only the I-539 application fee.

This won’t be applicable for I-539 applications that have been filed and pending with the USCIS before October 1. Though the fee is exempt, applicants may still need to attend their biometric services appointment if scheduled based on the USCIS discretion.

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