America – Still a Popular Destination among Indian Students!

On Monday, November 13, 2017, the U.S. Department of State Bureau Educational and Cultural Affairs along with the Institute of International Education, reported that Indian students account for 17.3 percent of the total number of international students in America.  This year, the total number of international students in America increased by three percent from last year, while the number of American students studying outside of the U.S. increased by four percent. 

Among international student population in America, Chinese students top the list, followed by Indians, the second largest group of students is Indian students, after China.  However, there has been a decline in fresh enrolments by Indian students as compared to previous year. Currently, there are about 1.86 lakh Indian students in America, as it is the most preferred destination for higher education amongst Indian students.

U.S. Consul General, Edgard Kagan, said that a 12.3 percent increase in Indians going to America is still “pretty good” in spite of being half of last year’s growth of 25 percent, further saying that is not easy to maintain same numbers each year.

Indian students enrolled in American colleges and universities for engineering courses is 36.2 percent, for maths and computer science is about 35.4 percent, while the students at graduate level rule the roost by a far margin of 56 percent.

According to the Open Doors data, the count of Indians pursuing OPT (Optional Practical Training) rose about 31 percent to 57,132 in 2016-17 from 42,328 in 2015-16.

Sukanya Raman, Immigration Assistant

Co-Author: Poorvi Chothani, Esq., Managing Partner

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