Indians Visiting the UAE Under Visa-On-Arrival Cannot Change Status

With effect from November 2017, Indian nationals visiting the UAE under a 14-day visa-on-arrival cannot change their status to another visa type while in the UAE.  Those who wish to change their visa type after they have entered the UAE under a visa-on-arrival need to exit and re-enter the UAE under the appropriate visa type.

The same rule also applies to Nigerian nationals, and to those holding a 14-day “service visa” for attending business meetings, conferences, trainings and related activities.

Since May 2017, the UAE has been permitting Indian nationals holding Green Cards or U.S. visas valid for at least six months to enter and remain in the UAE for up to 14 days.  In September 2017, the Cabinet of the UAE also approved the extension of the visa-on-arrival program to those Indian nationals who hold valid residence visas of the U.K. or any European Union Member State.

Isha Kalwant Singh, Legal Intern

(Keywords: Visa-on-arrival, Exit, Service visa, Green Card)

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